The seven member countries of FISH-i Africa met in Madagascar for the 2nd Fish-i Africa Task Force meeting in Antananarivo, Madagascar on November 25th 2015. Minister Ahmad, Minister of Halieutics Resources and Fisheries for Madagascar, opened the meeting with the hope that the Fish-i Africa Task Force should build on their early successes by continuing to take action in their respective countries to help eliminate illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean. The Task Force reached agreement to: • Expand FISH-i Africa to welcome participation from other regional countries, first as observers and then possibly as full-fledged members. • Welcome cooperation with other potential FISH-i Task Forces across Africa. • Work towards a FISH-i Africa Ministers’ Meeting to be held in Seychelles, including participation from SADC, other regional and fisheries bodies, and relevant stakeholders. • Share combined lists of licensed and active fishing vessels. • Continue to share information and lessons learned on important cases related to incidents of illegal fishing. • Continue to explore the process of standardizing inspection procedures, based on the IOTC Port State Measures Resolution, and share related outcomes. • Continue to commission the FISH-i Africa study on vessels servicing the fishing fleet at sea in the Western Indian Ocean, particularly the patterns of the servicing vessels, the impact they have on fishing effort, and their potential role in illegal fishing activities. The 3rd FISH-i AfricaTask Force meeting will take place in June 2015.