FISH-i Africa Task Force countries are on alert for requests to enter port from the Jin Shyang Yih 668.

A 2016 Seychelles led investigation into the activities and identity of the Thai flagged Jin Shyang Yih 668 confirmed that the vessel had been fishing without authorisation in the Indian Ocean in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Both the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and the FISH-i Technical Team were able to assist Thai authorities with an analysis of VMS and AIS tracks that indicate the vessel had been engaged in illegal fishing activity.

Formerly known as the Jin Shyang Yih 666 the vessel has a track record of illegal fishing, being IATTC IUU listed in 2005, and fined by Mauritius in 2011 for fishing in their EEZ without a license.

The Jin Shyang Yih 668 was held in Seychelles from February until December 2016, while flag State Thailand stated its intention to investigate and press charges, and ordered the vessel to return to its home port.

Having fled Port Victoria on November 25th the Jin Shyang Yih 668 headed back to Thailand, but news that the Thai navy had been deployed to intercept and arrest the vessel appears to have reached the captain leading to evasive action, with all tracking equipment being turned off and a change of course away from Thailand.

A subsequent request to return to port in the Seychelles was denied through the application of provisions of the Port State Measures Agreement and the Jin Shyang Yih 668 is now considered to be on the run.

Evidence has also emerged that the vessel registered with Belize in December 2016, without revoking her registration from the Thai authority, suggesting that the vessel may now be legally Stateless.

It is expected that the Jin Shyang Yih 668 will seek a port visit in the Indian Ocean, with Sri Lanka or Thailand likely destinations. If you have information on the whereabouts of the Jin Shyang Yih 668 please contact us at