A High Level Symposium on Capacity Building for Maritime Security, organised by the SafeSeas initiative, was held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 2nd March.

The discussion included questions on why maritime security matters, the best means of building regional maritime domain awareness and lessons learned from operational experience in the Western Indian Ocean.

The threat posed by fisheries crime and illegality in the fisheries sector was considered, with recent FISH-i Africa investigations presented to illustrate the high levels of non-compliance amongst the industrial fishing fleet, as well as the links with drug, arms and human trafficking, and transnational organised crime.

Nicholas Ntheketha commented, “There is a significant overlap between the FISH-i Africa agenda and that of the maritime security sector. We hope to build on this synergy with greater sharing of information and experience, we certainly see the benefits of access to information obtained by naval patrols and operations in the region.”