The FISH-i Africa Task Force have unanimously accepted Somalia’s request to join this group of countries cooperating to share information to stop illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean. Benedict Kiilu, Kenya recognised the importance of Somalia to the region ‘this is an important step in our cooperation. Somalia is crucial in the fight to stop illegal fishing in our region.’

Somalia joins the FISH-i Africa Task Force

The FISH-i Africa initiative, launched in 2012 by Comoros, Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles and Tanzania and joined by Madagascar and Mauritius in 2013, is coordinated by Stop Illegal Fishing and supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts. The Task Force has proved to be an effective means of fighting illegal fishing. ‘By encouraging exchange of information and coordinating their action the FISH-i Africa countries of the Western Indian Ocean have made a significant difference to the effectiveness of MCS efforts in the region. The addition of Somalia strengthens our network even further.’ Nicholas Ntheketha, Acting Chair, FISH-i Africa Task Force.

‘We have shown that our countries in the Western Indian Ocean are committed to identify the wrongdoers and act against them. We have developed trust with one another that was not there before and this pooling of information and resources means we can out maneuver the illegal operators.’ Wallace Cosgrow, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Seychelles

Photo © Abdulgani Mohamoud