At Our Ocean 2017, Elsa da Gloria Pátria, Chairperson of Stop Illegal Fishing announced, on behalf of the FISH-i Africa Task Force, to launch a programme of VIGILANCE in the Western Indian Ocean.

VIGILANCE will be a robust assessment of all industrial fishing vessels licensed to fish by FISH-i members to assess the legality of their identity, history, ownership and management. This is in response to the systematic illegalities and criminal offences identified by FISH-i Africa investigations.

This commitment will cover around 500 fishing vessels and will be completed by 2022, and is supported by the FISH-i Africa operational Task Force drawn from the eight member countries of Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Somalia and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Nicholas Ntheketha, Chair of FISH-i Africa welcomed the announcement, “the cooperative mechanisms established by FISH-i, and the investigations undertaken have brought real benefits to the region and a much improved understanding of the methods used by the illegal operators active in the fisheries sector of the Western Indian Ocean. This programme of VIGILANCE gives the region a real chance to identify those who are not abiding by the regulations and laws that are in place to protect our fisheries and our economies.”

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