The VISIBLE fishing vessel database

Stop Illegal Fishing has created a database of information on vessels operating or associated with the FISH-i Africa region. Vessel identity fraud is a key factor in many cases of illegal fishing and fisheries crime; by sharing identities vessels can and do get away with fishing without licences, catching fish illegally and operating out of sight of the law.

Photographs of vessels are particularly important when establishing the identity of a vessel. If you would like to contribute to the database please complete the following form or email your photos to:

FISH-i Africa Task Force members can log on to VISIBLE here.

Please submit photos individually with the vessel name in the subject of the email.  Photos need to be clear enough to identify vessel markers such as call signs, vessel name etc. Maximum size 6MB. Your name and email information is not required, but is useful should we need to contact you with further information.

Vessel Image (max size 6mb)

Date of Photograph (required format is YYYY-MM-DD)

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We will never share, disclose or use the information provided for commercial purposes