The 6th FISH-i Africa Task Force meeting provided an opportunity for the Task Force to celebrate their success in winning the recent Seafood Champion for Innovation 2017 award.

Per Erik Bergh of Stop Illegal Fishing, who had received the award on behalf of FISH-i at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Seattle earlier in the month, commended the work of FISH-i and the dedication of those involved. “We are very proud of the success we have had in tackling illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean, unless we can create compliant fisheries all efforts for a sustainable seafood sector are undermined. We feel very honoured that our efforts have been recognized internationally and look forward to working more closely with the seafood sector to stop illegal fishing.”

Nicholas Ntheketha, Chairperson of FISH-i Africa expressed gratitude on behalf of the Task Force for receiving this award. “Creating a sustainable seafood sector is at the core of our work in FISH-i. By the cooperation we have achieved in our region we are tackling the working practices of some of the worst illegal operators in the fisheries world. It’s a tough job for the inspectors who are on the front line; they are dealing with serial offenders and sophisticated gangs who are systematically taking advantage of the system and breaking laws in order to fish illegally. This recognition of the part FISH-i Africa play in creating a sustainable seafood industry is really encouraging.”